January 26, 2014

For a short stay on Molokai – Things to do

We often have guests that stay on Molokai for just 2 or 3 days.  Many want to know what are the “must do” excursions.  There are so many options and secluded places it really takes quite a few days.  But if you have a short stay we recommend these:

The Kalaupapa Pennisula.  This was the former leper colony.  You can hike in, take a mule ride, or a flight into see it.  All are very fun but eh hike is our favorite.  You must get a pass from Molokai Outdoors for any of these options as they have guided tours and you really learn the history of the colony.  On your way back stop in Kaulapuu for a great lunch and you may want to tour the coffee plantation as well.

The ease end of the island is the Halawa Valley with Mouua Falls.  The beach and the valley are spectacular.  Stop on the way at Murphy’s beach at mile marker 20 and go for a swim and snorkle.

Two great beaches at the west end of the island are Dixie Maru which is very calm and protected great for swimming. The Hawaii’s longest beach is Papohaku with is 3 miles of stunning white sand. Quite often you may be on only ones on the beach especially during the week.

Two great water adventures is Kayaking the barrier reef on the south side of the island.  Its huge and take a mask and snorkel or a fishing pole.  Lastly during the winter months of December to April you can never go wrong with a whale watching trip. Contact Molokai Outdoors to set these up.  Lastly stop on your way back to the condo for drinks and food at the Hotel Molokai.  Enjoy!