August 18, 2013

Save money on flights to Maui

When planning your flights to the islands here are a couple of tips:

With the way the airline industry has changed it is not always best to book your flights far in advance of your stay dates unless you see a special run by a travel site or airline. Often as the dates get closer airlines will lower rates to fill empty seats. This is especially true for the lower season dates of the spring an fall. One great perk we discovered was an Alaska Airlines Visa credit card. This card offers a once a year $99 companion fair on a coach ticket. For instance this year we booked flights for Thanksgiving week. The first ticket was $590 and the second only $ 99…Making the total $ 698 or only $ 349 per person. A very good deal to get to Maui. My spouse and I each have a card so we go twice inexpensively or bring friends and split the cost with them. Look into this great deal on Then call us to book your trip! 🙂